Zeno Group Investments, Inc. funding $400 Million Housing Project in Senegal

zenomedia | September 1, 2014


Sicap SA officially awarded Zeno Brothers Construction Inc. with a $400-Million 5-year construction development of 30,000 social houses. This $400-Million Social Ecological Housing-Community Project will be developed in certain locations throughout the Republic of Senegal.

Zeno Group Investments Inc., the holding company of Zeno Brothers Construction will provide funding for the $400-Million needed to complete the housing project. This funding endeavor is also made possible together with Sicap S.A., some other international financial institutions, and high net-worth individuals. SICAP SA is the housing authority of the Government of Senegal.

Mr. Paolo Zeno, Chairman of both companies, signed the acceptance of the project and financial support on 30 August 2014. The following months will witness the preliminary phase of the housing project, which will surely tilt Senegal’s economic and industrial landscape into a more positive and progressive direction.

For the next five years, the Senegalese people and everyone residing in the Republic will see first-hand the development of thousands of social houses in various sites across the country. This will mark a new era of hope and progress for the Republic of Senegal.

At the time of the full operation on the development of the Social Housing Project, Zeno Brothers Construction is looking to employ over 2000 workers. This will uphold the welfare of the people residing in Senegal. Aside from the positive societal impact of the projects of the company, there will be huge financial and economic progress, considering that investors from every region will come in to help strengthen the industries and overall economy of Senegal.

Dakar, Senegal
01 September 2014

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