Zeno Brothers Construction visits one of the proposed sites for the Eco-Housing Community Project in Senegal

zenomedia | August 27, 2014

Mr. Paolo Zeno, Chairman of Zeno Brothers Construction Inc., visited Keur Ndiaye Lô in Dakar and the rural community of Kayar Village in Thies on 26 August 2014 for an ocular inspection of the locations. He was accompanied by Co-chairman Antonio Zeno, Site Manager Mamadou Seye, and some Italian Electrical Engineers. This preliminary visit is part of the week-long agenda that the Company’s Senegal Office has in line for Mr. Zeno and the group.

The two locations are being considered for the Eco-Housing Community Project commissioned to Zeno Brothers Construction. The project aims to build stable and sustainable communities for the Senegalese people and improve the quality of life in the State. It will also open opportunities for investors and business owners to cultivate the economic landscape of Senegal.

Mr. Zeno and company met with the private landowners of the aforementioned sites and discussed the huge potential and benefits of the Eco-Housing Community Project for Thies, Dakar, and other strategic locations in the State. Throughout the week, the group has also convened with different companies, institutions, cooperatives, and ministry officials to plan the course of the project.

Dakar, Senegal
27 August 2014

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